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M&A Advisory and Consulting

The ultimate goal of a company that wishes to pursue M&A is not the execution of M&A itself but the sustainable growth that follows it. Further, some clients that seek consultation may need to acquire external resources through M&A.
Normally, however, companies that offer “M&A advisory” specializes in M&A implementation, and those offering “reorganization consulting” specialize in consultation work. As such, most M&A advisory company and consulting firms are unable to fulfill the needs of clients who wish to both implement M&A and receive consultation.
Our alliance department offers Hybrid M&A Service which simultaneously provides (1) M&A advisory and (2) reorganization consultation to support a company’s sustainable growth following an M&A implementation.


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    From finding M&A candidates to approaching target companies and negotiating deals, our professionals with accumulated experience in the M&A industry will support the entire process.

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    Our consultants with extensive experiences and knowledge in their respective industries will identify the industries’ issues and offer support for industry-wide reorganizing, going beyond a company’s framework.

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    Through “Intellectual Capital Due Diligence”, by evaluating not only a company’s financial and business aspects but also the intellectual capital of its business partner, post-integration synergic effects are maximized.

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  • Using the client company’s intellectual capital, develop a growth strategy through M&A with other companies

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  • Formulate hypothesis on the synergistic effects with client company

  • List and screen candidates for M&A who would create synergistic effects

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  • Approach the M&A candidates (new cold calls, continuous follow-ups, etc.)

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  • Visualize the intellectual capital of the M&A candidate and identify synergistic effects

  • Support the implementation of a deal toward achieving a synergistic effect based on each other’s strengths

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  • Management support (PMO-like role) to ensure that the synergistic effects are gained after the merger

Our Consultants

  • Senior Manager Kei Takada

    Kei Takada was in charge of communication infrastructure construction supervision at Recruit. He later worked in the real estate industry on the redevelopment of commercial facilities, after which he established his own business dealing with marketing and marketing strategies support for SMEs. After engaging in the M&A in the areas of real estate, retail distribution, healthcare, and restaurants at M&A Solutions Japan, he joined ICMG.

    Manager Akifumi Kobayashi

    Akifumi Kobayashi graduated from the Department of English Language and Literature, School of Education of Waseda University and is a Certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant. He worked in the securities industry including at the current Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley for over 20 years, seven years of which was spent working in New York in areas including human resources, general affairs, financial affairs, accounting, and company studies. At Alliance Bernstein, an American asset management company, he was involved in the survey of Asian companies. He is currently in charge of M&A and alliances of real estate management businesses and start-up businesses.