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Management consulting services for executing sustainable growth

ICMG offers management consulting services for Japanese and overseas corporations for their sustainable growth.

We have built long-term relations with Japan’s leading corporations in such industries as general electric, electronics, pharmaceuticals, energy, primary materials, food, and distribution, and supported over 160 projects over the last ten years in wide ranging areas including company-wide strategies, business development, organizational changes, and personnel development.


As changes in business environment are happening at an increasingly faster pace, we are coming to an age when fundamental management issues cannot be resolved by simply adopting best practices and new methods. In order for a company to ensure sustainable growth, it needs a management approach that maximizes its unique strengths and guides the organization to autonomously develop toward a positive future.

ICMG Consulting strives to ensure that reform does not end as a temporary measure but that it takes root in the leaders and organizations and continues sustainably. We pride ourselves in our ability to deeply understand our client companies’ unique strengths and organizational habits and to draw forth their intrinsic innovations.

We gain a deep understanding of and analyze the needs of the client company’s stakeholders including customers, business partners, stockholders, management team, and employees, and the real issues related to achieving success, and create opportunities for holding thorough consultations and discussions with the management team and worksites that are striving to change.
Through this process, we combine our experiences and our client’s knowledge to develop a creative and effective custom-made reform program tailored specifically for our client company.

Our goal is to work as one with our client companies’ top and middle-level management and employees, and accompany their journey toward cultivating a positive future and achieving sustainable success.

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    Creation of intrinsic innovations

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    Sharing awareness of real issues toward success

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    Developing solutions by merging knowledge and fostering a sense of ownership

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    Continuing to work with client until results are seen

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    Believing in and drawing out the client company’s potential

Core Value


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Our Consultants

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    Board Member and CSO
    Head of the Consulting Services

    Fumihiro Oba

    Fumihiro Oba has a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, and an MBA from INSEAD. At McKinsey & Co., he was in charge of planning and implementing growth strategies, company reform projects, and new business planning for clients in many industries including the electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, automobile, and publishing. He joined ICMG in 2005. He has developed numerous reform programs that organically connect a company’s sources of value such as its human resources, relationships, and organizing abilities to strategies. He has led projects to work together with Japanese and overseas companies to realize reforms through growth strategies development, company reform projects, corporate integration, innovation, and business development initiatives. He specializes in viewing a company holistically to enhance its ability to sustain success from the standpoints of both business strategy and organizational strategy.

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    Adviser Kevin K Jones

    Kevin Jones joined McKinsey and Co. and has been working as a partner at its Japanese branch for nine years. He was involved in the building of McKinsey’s global business think-tank, mainly helping both Japanese and western companies in their global strategies throughout Asia. He later became a partner of Booz-Allen & Hamilton and was put in charge of China and South Korea. In 1997, he led the development of a long-term strategy for the South Korean economy in a research conducted by the Korean government. He has been advising many companies on their global strategies and alliances within Asia. He has also served as a board member of the London Stock Exchange, AIM, NASDAQ, and private companies.